About Company

Dimas Adventure was established by a group of thrill-seekers and travel enthusiasts to provide the best Nepali experience to fellow adventure lovers. As a group consisting of professional touring and trekking experts, we take pride in our diverse range of trekking and touring packages. We have pre-established and can also create specific touring packages as per the customer’s wishes. So, stay calm and let our expert team handle all the hassle of managing your trip for you.

Established under the proper provisions stated by the Nepal government tourism act, Our team of experts has been working together in the tourism industry for more than 15 years. Along with the adept team leaders, Dimas Adventure, with its well-rounded team of staff and mountain guides, take pleasure in providing the ideal vacation for their clients.

Dimas Adventure provides you a personalized, memorable, and well-rounded travel packages all over Nepal. From thrilling Everest base camp treks to a chilling evening walk in Basantapur, enjoy the best Nepali experience with our expert trekking and travel guides and a team of creative and experienced travel managers.

Create memories when you travel