We believe adventure travel comes in many forms and that no matter which way you slice it, adventures can be found in every nook and cranny of the world. That being said, certain locations and places have a little more of a benefit in the adrenaline department with the help of a combination of natural resources and tourist attractions. These are some of the best locations to visit during your stay in Nepal.


From all the popular locations and tours we provide here at Dimas Adventure, choosing an ideal travel package for you might be time-consuming. So, here are some of the most popular travel packages you can choose to get the most out of your trip to Nepal.

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With countless satisfied customers and most of them staying connected with us even years after their trip to Nepal, connect with us for a memorable and friendly touring adventure. There's surely a reason why most of our customer reconnect with us for their second trip to this gorgeous nation.

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There is a plethora of adventurous places in Nepal and you will be highly impressed with the varieties of activities it offers. The adventures we provide ranges from average to extreme and covers all sorts of Nepali thrill experience.


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Camp Fire

7 Destination

Off Road

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We here at Dimas Adventure most care about customer experience. For your convenience, we regularly custom manage and prepare special travel offers with the best locations and the most reasonable prices. Bring along your family or plan a trip with your friends.

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7% off

Explore the magic of mountains

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Explore Annapurna Base Camp

Price: $1010 $910


Nepal and all the gorgeous locations this nation has to offer to make for an extremely photography-friendly experience. From the extreme Lukla airport to the picturesque evening stroll in Kathmandu to the top of Mount Everest, here are some of the best travelers' shared photos.


What Our Client's Say

Definitely one of my best holiday experiences ever 🙌… thank you Dipendra Lama and boys for help and support ❤️💙👍🏼

Jarmila Kukolova (Slovakia /UK)

We have done Manaslu trek in October/November 2022 and I would recoment DIMAS Adventure without hasitation. Dipendra and his team were all good fun, kind, caring and had great knowladge. I was bit nervous flying all the way Nepal, with many questios in my head. There was no need. Once we arrived, Dipendra met us outside airport and everything felt so relaxed and organised even one of our bags did not arrive. Dipendra helped us to source replacemnts for the trek and we were able to leave next day for trek. Selection of lodges was great, and we alway had what we needed. Thanks to great great planing and organisatioun our Mamaslu trek was amazing experience. many thanks to all team Dipendra. Thank you for this great experience 🙏🏻

Jirka Bartak CZECH/UK

I had the best vacation of my life with Dipendra as my guide. Visiting the Himalayas was one of my long-awaited dreams. But what Dipendra offered exceeded all my expectations. Not only did he take us through the mountains, he showed us that Nepal is not just the Himalayas. For me, a far greater and more memorable experience than the Himalayan trek was to see ordinary life in the countryside, to experience life in a rural school. I am sure that without Dipendra’s services I would never have had such profound experiences.

Radek Šťastný

In 2008 I was with Dipendra at Manaslu trek. It was his first trek like guide. I taught him everything how to do his clients to be satisfied. After 11 years I very very enjoyed Mardi trek with him, because he became one of the best guide in Himalayas.

Tomáš Beránek CZECH

I have experienced 2 treks with Dipendra as our guide, Lang Tang and Annapurna base camp. He is a kind, courageous, and knowledgeable guide. His leadership made our time both safe and memorable(most of at least in our 60s). Hope you enjoy your adventure as much as we did.

John Peterson USA

We had a brilliant time mate! And thanks again for all you did. The group missed you.

Gary Michael Collier UK

Thank you Martina and Dipendra for amazing experience during Nepal trip. Thanks to them, life in Nepal which is often harsh but beautiful to meet and experience it myself. Travelling along turbulent roads by foot or local transport is an experience of a lifetime. 🤣 Once again I would like to see Nepal in spring, when the magnificent rhododendrons are in bloom and the mountain side is full of azaleas 🤩🙏 I hope so. Thank you very much again, it was amazing with you 😍

Jandačová Stanislava,Czech

I would like to thank you Dipendra Lama Moktan, he was the most beautiful guide during our stay in Nepal. We went the trek under Annapurna. He was very helpful, we felt comfortable during the all stay in Himalaya. Foremost it was our safety. I can recommend Dipendra. I appreciate his job

Monika Fialová,Czech

Dipendra and Martina are wonderful people who are always happy to help others; very nice and practical. This is my experience from working extensively in the non-profit sector. I absolutely believe that in the same friendly spirit they are now working on their project where they can combine their love for Nepal and the mountains. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to all my fellow travellers, known and unknown.

Hela Rybka Ryšavá Czech

I had the privilege of taking an amazing trip to Nepal. Everything was organized just right. When we needed a change of plan there was no problem. Helpful and kind behavior in all aspects. Administration passed us by and everything was handled by our guide with the locals. The feeling of safety, helpfulness, understanding and support were all things DIMAS Adventure offered me on my trip. This allowed me to concentrate mainly on myself. So see you next time 🙂 Because once you experience the beauty of Nepal, you will surely have the desire to come back again.

Karolina Havelkova Czech

Dipendra is a person with great humility, willingness and a big heart. Travelling with him in Nepal is just a pleasure. He arranges and negotiates everything that is needed, speaks excellent English. I personally look forward to traveling with him again in Nepal, for me visiting Nepal was an incredible mental cleansing and I came home with a different world view and a completely clear head. Martina is a very wise and capable person. She is willing to make all the necessary arrangements for a trip through Nepal, and that right from Prague, her experience in this country is so rich that she could already be a local. Going to Nepal only makes sense with Martina and Dipendra and the experience is incomparable to anything else.

Zora Valentová Cagášková Czech

Dipendra  was such a support at all times – amazing humans we really couldn’t have done it without you – thank you for all your support. (Everest Base Camp trek 2022.)

Louise Williams Uk

Our guide Dipendra Dai was no different. He is always smiling and always goes that extra length for you. A truely inspiring individual.

Reece Adair UK

My words can not express my deep gratitude for you making it possible for all of us to make this trek. You are very smart and Kind and I hope to be your friend for live .I will see you again . Love & Peace.

Steve USA

Thank you for a wonderful trip and for taking such good care of us! I am taking home wonderful memories!

Jackie USA

We will never forget you.
Please know that we wish you the very best that live can offer when you come to California, you will have a place to stay & we all can take car of you the way you took care of all of us! My all your dreams come true!
Thanks Again!

Lynda USA

You bring a great spirit and good humor to each day. As The (Old man” of the group. I very much appreciate your support and guidance that helping to take a marucllons trek in you in comparable Nepal. Thank you and Namaste.

Perry USA

What a wonderful guide you are!!! and what a Magnificent TRIP. Thank you.

Bruce USA