Nepal Trekking Time

Nepal is a mountainous country with a variable climate from one geographical region to another. The climate here ranges from tropical to the tundra ,changing with respect to the altitude from lowlands to up in the highest peak in the world. Trekking here is best generally at two times ,after falls and during the spring. The following time period from end of( September to the mid of December) is considered as the best time period for trekking in the Mountains.During this period the climate experience is mild and moderate which is neither so cold nor very hot. This season is blessed with the clear sky with the ever so heart pumping views of Himalayan ranges.The weather is soothing and so is the natural vistas we get to witness.

Another peak season for trekking in Nepal is during spring (between March-May). Spring is the season of colors. During this season,the whole trail is acquainted with greeneries and bloosoms of flowers in meadows. While this is the main season to witness the fog that keeps wandering in each elevations. The foggy panorama might attract some trekers while some other might find it disturbing. One of the major attractions of trekking during this season is the stunning view of rhododendron forests all the way through the trails.

While during the monsoon season (between June – August ) is hot ,hazier and unsettling. This is the monsoon season in Nepal.The days are followed with heavy rainfall almost every day with occasional thunderstorms . This is not the right season for trekkers to trek while they can also trek to the rainfall forbidden areas like Mustang. This is not the best season to trek but with extra preparation and awareness,trekking during this season can prevail you with extra adventure.